More than 30 demonstrations on the IV 2008 Demo day!

The organization is very pleased that the amount of demos in so high. It will become a tremendous day with such an amount of demos. Next to some cars from the latest DARPA challenge, there will be a lot of demos at our demo site from both universities, institutes and industries. We hope that a lot of congress participant will be able to join a demo.

The following demos will be present and the complete demo list is available in this pdf document [pdf, 4.808 kB]:

Universities and Institutes


3 Dutch Technical Universities

C,MM,N - Car of the Future

DLR German Aerospace Centre

Drive-by-Wire-Vehicle 'FASCAR'


Partial Motion planning and cooperative cybercars

Laboratory French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Heuristique et Diagnostic des Systemes Complexes (HEUDIASYC)

Confidence indicators for ADAS Functions

University of Braunschweig

Darpa Team Urban Challenge

University of Chemnitz

Automotive Intelligence for pedestrian Recognition

University of de Haute-Alsace

Navigation aided Longitudinal control

University of Eindhoven

SMART' Design of Vehicle Infrastructures based on magnetorneological technologies
Hybrid driveline for wheel car

University of Karlsruhe

Darpa Team Annieway

University of Madrid Carlos III

UC3M Demonstration

University of Peking

Driving Safety and Traffic Data Collection / Laser Scanners

University of Siegen

Autonomous mobile outdoor robot

University of Twente

Solarteam Twente One

University of Parma

a.o.situation awareness, LDWA

University of Eindhoven

University Racing Eindhoven


Hybrid Car Lab
Instrumented Car (INCA) with See Through HMD and active gas pedal
Car as sensor



Advanced Public Transport Systems BV

Phileas Guided Drive on line 401

Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH

Darpa team Lux
4 way stop


Pedestrian detection
Precrash application with laser scanner and radar




pedestrian detection


ADAS research platform

NXP Semiconductors

Wb-Connected Car enabled through a Telematics Unit


Camera application development platform (HTAS)


Loadsensing (HTAS)


Mobiwizz / Mobiboxx

The final programme of the demonstration day will be given to you at the conference.

The demos will be right in the centre of the city and next to the conference venue. There are three exterior demonstrations with free access for all conference participants during the day. The Conference Centre will be available for presentations about the demonstrations on site.

Demosite 1: Car Park
Static demonstrations are situated on the car park right next to the Conference Centre. More information...

Demosite 2: John F. Kennedylaan
The John F. Kennedylaan is one of the main access corridors to the centre of Eindhoven. On 6 June 2008 it will be closed to other traffic to facilitate the IV2008 demo day. This demo site is suited for demonstrations of experimental vehicles up to a speed of 70 km/hr. More information...

Demosite 3: Woensel
Demonstration vehicles that are allowed to drive on public roads and seek other traffic circumstances can leave the conference site and drive through Woensel, the northern part of Eindhoven. More information...

For further information please refer to:
Jan-Willem van der Wiel, Automotive Technology Centre, +31 (0) 402 650 195,
Guido Sluijsmans, TNO, +31 (0) 152 696 753,