Demosite 3: Woensel

In case your demonstration cannot be performed on Demo site 2, when your demonstration vehicle is legally allowed to drive on public roads and when the execution of your demonstration does not provide risks for public safety you can leave the conference site and use the northern part of Eindhoven, Woensel, for an on road demonstration.
Passengers can be boarded near the conference centre.

In case you wish to make use of Demo site 3 please refer to the IV2008 Demo chair to discuss your plans. See contacts below. Final plans for demonstrations on Demo site 3 need to be submitted to the Demo chair before 31st March 2008.
The responsibility and risk for the demonstration remains entirely with the driver of the vehicle.

The IV2008 demo chair has the option to assign time slots for the individual demonstrations depending on the number and nature of the demonstrations.

The conference hall is available for a presentation on your demonstration using .ppt or video images. Additional booking is required.

For information on costs and booking please use the ‘Demonstration booking form’ [pdf, 26 kB]. Your booking form needs to be submitted to the Demo chair before 15th March 2008.

For further information please refer to:
Jan-Willem van der Wiel, Automotive Technology Centre, +31 (0) 402 650 195,
Guido Sluijsmans, TNO, +31 (0) 152 696 753,